Otley Street Community Nursery School

About Us

The History of Otley Street Nursery School

The Nursery was opened as a war time Nursery in 1942 in a “temporary” building erected in the back garden of the Otley Street Surgeries at a total cost of £400. The Doctors and their families had originally planned to provide a Nursery themselves as they felt such an establishment was much needed. After much fund raising however the West Riding County Council took over the project using the land offered and the Nursery became a Nursery School and part of the W.R.C.C Education department in 1948 and was recognised as a training establishment for Nursery Nurses in the same year.


The Nursery School is still housed in the same “temporary” building but has been much improved with central heating, a new roof and lowered ceilings. It is now classed as permanent!


In November 2008 an extension was added to the school building funded partly by Skipton Children’s Centre funds. The additional space enhances the ongoing provision of a quality nursery education and is also used to provide Children’s Centre services to the children and families of the school and in the local area. In 2012 Otley Street celebrated its 70th birthday with a community party attended by some of the original pupils and the staff and governors continue to work hard to improve the provision and ensure that our school continues to provide the best possible start to the education of the next generation. Carefully combining the knowledge and experience of the past with the latest developments in our understanding of how young children learn most effectively.

The building provides ideal accommodation for small children and is enhanced by the large garden and playground areas around it.