Otley Street Community Nursery School


Nursery School Hours

Morning session               8.30 am to 11.30 am (or 12.30 pm if a lunch day)

Afternoon session           12.30 pm to 3.30pm  (or 11.30am if a lunch day)

Full Days                         8.30 am to 3.30pm.

If you have to collect your child before 3.30pm due to commitments at other primary schools then please come at 3.00pm in order to minimise disruption to the nursery session. You will need to ring the doorbell.

 Daily Routine

8.30am and 11.30am

Children arrive and hang up their coats. They then self register by finding their name card on the arrival board and moving it to the board inside their classroom base. Initially your child will have a photograph on their card to help them locate their name. Eventually the photograph will be removed and your child will recognise their name all by themselves. Once they have registered, the children are free to choose where they will go indoors or outdoors. They will choose independently from a variety of carefully planned and structured areas or activities. Staff will be available to support and extend their learning or to lead focused activities with individuals or with a small group at a time.

 The outdoor classroom areas are available to children in all weathers so please make sure your child always has suitable footwear and named clothing. In school we have waterproofs and wellington boots available for rainy or muddy play. A sun hat and sun cream are needed on sunny days.

 Each day a healthy snack is available through a ‘café’ style, self-service system. Most of the snack items are purchased from the local market twice weekly by a group of four children and two members of staff. Children can choose from a range of sugar-free options such as apples. pears, bananas, peppers, cheese, bread sticks and dips and a drink of milk or water. A supervising member of staff supports children to help to prepare the snack. All children wash their hands before coming to the snack table. Children pour their own drinks and are encouraged to try a variety of foods but ultimately they can choose not to have snack if they wish.

Tidy Up Time – This is signalled by the playing of a music CD. All children are encouraged to help in tidying away toys etc

 Group Time – Mid session, children gather in class groups or key-worker groups for a focused activity which may include a story, rhyme, numbers/counting, music or dance.

 11.20am and 3.20pm

Children collect their coats and work is given out ready for going

home OR children visit the toilet and wash their hands ready for

lunch. (Afternoon children who are having lunch will arrive at



11.30am to 12.30pm  Lunch Time – Morning children staying for lunch will leave at 12.30pm. Afternoon children staying for lunch will arrive at 11.30am.